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GitHub Social Impact

Driving positive and lasting contributions

GitHub’s Social Impact team empowers current and future developers, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations to drive positive and lasting contributions to the world with GitHub products, brand, resources, and employees.

GitHub: a corporate and community leader

GitHub has a responsibility to address key local and global societal issues. We deploy GitHub products for good, foster partnerships between private and social sectors, and empower employees to contribute to causes aligned with their values.

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Four key focus areas

Together with our employees, developers, and partners—and with a focus on skilling, accessibility, sustainability, and humanitarian response—we can drive positive and lasting contributions to the world.

From skilling a new generation of developers to making coding more accessible—when more developers succeed, the world succeeds. This goes to the heart of our social impact team’s mission: Empowering happier and more productive developers around the world to accelerate human progress. It has never been more important.
Thomas Dohmke
Thomas DohmkeChief Executive Officer

Get a free GitHub nonprofit Team account

Qualifying nonprofits, 501(c)(3) or equivalent, are eligible for a Team account with unlimited private repositories and users.

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