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What it does

This bot helps you increase the engagement level of your Instagram profile through different social algorithms. Increase the likes on your photos and followers!


  • [βœ“] Easy to use
  • [βœ“] Login
  • [βœ“] 2FA (bad location)
  • [βœ“] 2FA (sms pin enabled)
  • [βœ“] Multi-Session
  • [βœ“] Multi-Platform (Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux, Raspberry PI 3)
  • [βœ“] Error management feature (bad pin, bad password)
  • [βœ“] Screenshot and Verbose logger
  • [βœ“] Like Mode Classic: bot selects a random hashtag from a config list and likes 1 random photo, and can repeat this all time.
  • [βœ“] Like Mode Realistic: bot selects a random hashtag from a config list and likes fast 10-12 photos, it sleeps 15-20min and repeats this all time. Sleeps at night.
  • [βœ“] Like Mode Competitor Users: it selects an account, selects random followers, likes 10-12 photo and sleeps 15-20min. Sleeps at night.
  • [βœ“] Like Mode Superlike: it selects random hashtag from a config list and likes 3 random photos of the same user.
  • [βœ“] Comment Mode Classic: it selects random comments and random hashtags and writes comments under photos.
  • [βœ“] Follow/Defollow Classic: follow 30 users, defollow first and rotate (in loop). This method is not detect from socialblade. ~1h | 300 follow-defollow/day.

Desktop setup (GUI Version)

  1. Download Social Manager Tools GUI.
  2. Run application.

Fast setup (CLI Version)

  1. Download latest bot version and extract it.
  2. Download Node.js >= 7.6 and install it.
  3. Run npm install in instagram-bot.js-master folder.
  4. Get config.js remove .tpl suffix and insert file into configs folder, fill it properly.
  5. Start the bot via node bot.js --config="./configs/config.js"
  6. If it works add a star ⭐️ at this project ❀️
  7. If you want to help me: donate on paypal or become a backer on patreon.

2FA: SMS Pin

If you received an SMS or an email pin edit loginpin.txt and insert it on the first line. Wait 50-60 seconds...

Tips: hide browser

Edit configs/config.js and switch chrome_headless option to true.

Check if it works:

See images in ./logs/screenshot or disable chrome_headless flag.

Update the Bot (CLI Version)

Run npm run clean in instagram-bot.js folder.


Run bot with different configs (multi account), use: node bot.js --config="./configs/config.js"

Name Type Default Description
config String ./configs/config.js File path of the option file to run

NPM Library setup

For npm library see NPM.

Raspberry PI setup

For advanced configuration see INFO: Docker work better on Raspberry PI.

Docker setup

If you prefer to run this using Docker, an official container is available from the Docker Hub.

In order to run it, copy the config.js.tpl file, configure it as you prefer, then use it through volume mapping, like in this example:

docker run --restart=always --name=instagram-bot -d -v /path/to/config.js:/app/configs/config.js socialmanagertools/instagram-bot.js:amd64

AVAILABLE TAGS: amd64 (64bit), i386 (32bit),armv7 (Raspberry PI 2), armv8 (Raspberry PI 3)

WARNING: with docker is mandatory edit config.js and set chrome_headless on true and set executable_path to /usr/bin/chromium-browser. Without this fix docker don't work.


See full known bugs (open task, todo and bugs) in bugs readme.


See full roadmap (open task, todo and bugs) in project page.

Sorry for snake_case

I love 🐍 snake_case syntax sorry for this 😭 don't hate me.

Social Manager Tools

Social Manager Tools GUI
InstagramBot.js (LIB)
TwitterBot.js (LIB)
FacebookBot.js (LIB)
WordpressTelegramBot.js (LIB)
MediumTelegramBot.js (LIB)



Copyright (c) 2018 Patryk RzucidΕ‚o (PTKDev)