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🤖 🐥 Twitter Bot made with love and nodejs
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What does it do

This bot helps you increase the engagement of your Twitter profile through different social algorithms. Increase the likes on your tweets and followers.


  • [✓] Easy to use
  • [✓] Login
  • [✓] 2FA (sms pin enabled)
  • [✓] Multi-Session
  • [✓] Multi-Platform (Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux, Raspberry PI 3)
  • [✓] Errors manager (bad pin, bad password)
  • [✓] Screenshot and Verbose logger
  • [✓] Like Mode Realistic: bot select random hashtag from config list and like fast 19-20 tweet, sleep 15-20min and repeat this all time. Sleep at night.
  • [✓] Retweet Mode Realistic: bot select random hashtag from config list and rt fast 19-20 tweet, sleep 15-20min and repeat this all time. Sleep at night.
  • [✘] Comment Mode Classic: select random comment and random hashtag and write comment under tweet.
  • [✘] Follow/Defollow Classic: follow user from random hashtag and defollow after 1h.
  • [✘] Defollow All: defollow all your following (ignore users in whitelist).

Fast setup (CLI Version)

  1. Download stable bot version and extract it.
  2. Download Node.js >= 7.6 and install it.
  3. Run npm install in twitter-bot.js folder.
  4. Rename configs/config.js.tpl to configs/config.js, fill it properly.
  5. Start the bot via node bot.js
  6. If work add star ⭐️ at this project ❤️
  7. If you want help me: donate on paypal or become a backer on patreon.

For advanced configuration see

2FA: SMS Pin

If you received sms or email pin edit loginpin.txt and insert it on first line. Wait 50-60 seconds...

Tips: hide browser

Edit configs/config.js and switch chrome_headless option to true.

Check if work:

See images in ./logs/screenshot or disable chrome_headless flag.


Run bot with different configs (multi account), use: node bot.js --config="./configs/config.js"

Name Type Default Description
config String ./configs/config.js File path of the option file to run

Desktop setup (GUI Version)

  1. Download Social Manager Tools GUI.
  2. Run application.

Docker setup

If you prefer to run this using Docker, an official container is available from the Docker Hub.

In order to run it, copy the configs/config.js.tpl file, configure it as you prefer, then use it through volume mapping, like in this example:

$ docker run \
    --restart=always \
    --name=twitter-bot \
    -d \
    -v /path/to/config.js:/app/config.js \
    socialmanagertools/twitter-bot.js &>/dev/null


See full roadmap (open task, todo and bugs) in project page.

Sorry for snake_case

I love 🐍 snake_case syntax sorry for this 😭 don't hate me.

Social Manager Tools

Social Manager Tools GUI
InstagramBot.js (LIB)
TwitterBot.js (LIB)
FacebookBot.js (LIB)
WordpressTelegramBot.js (LIB)
MediumTelegramBot.js (LIB)



Copyright (c) 2018 Patryk Rzucidło (PTKDev)

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