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Simple, ActiveModel-compatible model persistance in Redis

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Redis Persistence

Redis::Persistence is a lightweight object persistence framework, fully compatible with ActiveModel, based on Redis, easily used standalone or within Rails applications.


$ gem install redis-persistence


  • 100% Rails compatibility
  • 100% ActiveModel compatibility: callbacks, validations, serialization, ...
  • No crazy has_many-type of semantics
  • Auto-incrementing IDs
  • Defining default values for properties
  • Casting properties as built-in or custom classes
  • Convenient "dot access" to properties (
  • Support for "collections" of embedded objects (eg. article » comments)
  • Automatic conversion of UTC-formatted strings to Time objects
  • Small: 1 file, ~ 200 lines of code
  • Fast: ~2000 saves/sec, ~6000 finds/sec

Basic example

    require 'redis/persistence'

    Redis::Persistence.config.redis =
    # => #<Redis client v2.2.2 connected to redis:// (Redis v2.4.1)>

    class Article
      include Redis::Persistence

      property :title
      property :body
      property :author, :default  => '(Unknown)'
      property :created

    Article.create title: 'The Thing', body: 'So, in the beginning...', created:

    article = Article.find(1)
    # => <Article: {"id"=>1, "title"=>"The Thing", ...}>

    # => The Thing!

    # => 2011

    article.title = 'The Cabin'
    # => <Article: {"id"=>1, "title"=>"The Cabin", ...}>

See the examples/article.rb for full example.

(c) 2011, Social Insider, s.r.o., released under the MIT License.

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