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buildbot-files/skel Tweaks to the buildbot setup for opencore:
opencore-files whoops - put that in the wrong template
proxy-files/skel renaming proxy-files template to start-proxy
supervisor-files add a setting to make it possible to run a new build's supervisor in …
topp-files/base-layout/bin Added a recursive svn status script.
wordpress-files/skel parameterize apache_fg_flag, clean up version detection initial layout fix NameError ADDED: default log file path of base_dir + 'logs/fassembler.log' set inline_comments = False on the ConfigParser to prevent ;'s from c… * Move Fassembler from SVN to Git, default location in Github Use the global var dir, and put logs under there Make fake-eggs work for zope PRoducts too. we really need to set LANG on that output merge in the pw-batch-zopectl-scripts-2080520 branch to trunk. add depends_on_executables to docstring fix i18ndude install docstringing everything reverse setting Update fassembler build for brainpower to spit out a better apache co… update settings a b it Fassembler shouldn't assume people want to post errors to our Trac in… abstracting apache from wordpress and putting in proxy project for nymap fix i18ndude install use pip to install stuff o add support for VirtualEnv task to use a different python than the one fix links Correct the fix & comment for #2128. Also generally more consistent u…
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