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This is a "bootstrap" package that is used to generate new deployments
of the OpenCore software stack, the web-based group collaboration
toolkit that powers ` <>`_ and
other websites.


This package provides two commands for bootstrapping an OpenCore site

 * ``new-opencore-site`` will create a directory structure useful for
   managing an ongoing OpenCore site deployment.  Run this once, when
   you are first deploying your OpenCore site.

   It will place a file `opencore.conf` in the generated directory.
   You can edit the configuration in this file; it will be used by
   the ``rebuild-opencore`` command to determine what profile to
   build by default; what portset to configure the stack on; and
   other build parameters that are useful to manage on a per-site basis.

 * ``rebuild-opencore-site`` will initiate a new Fassembler build for your
   OpenCore site, using your desired configuration.

A third command is provided as well:

 * ``new-opencore-site-config`` will print a site configuration TEMPLATE
   to stdout. If you have a site layout already created by OpenplansBoot
   this may be useful for quickly generating a configuration that can be
   used with ``rebuild-opencore-site``.

User / Developer Resources

* `The Opencore Project <>`_

* `#opencore <irc://>`