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 TOPP utils

A library of generally useful pieces of python for working with zope,
wsgi, pylons, setuptools, dates and the open planning project's
software offerings.

Pu Pu Platter of Python delights

* 'topp.utils.config.ConfigMap' -- generates a mapping object from an ini file

* 'topp.utils.detag.detag' -- removes all HTML/XML from a string

* 'topp.utils.filesystem' -- abspath, makedir, get_args, which

* 'topp.utils.introspection.dumb_method' -- auto apply staticmethod
   and classmethod descriptors 

* 'topp.utils.memorycache.Cache' -- simple in memory cache

* 'topp.utils.modules.uninstall_package' -- remove a python package
  from the current environment

* 'topp.utils.persistence' -- some extensions of ZODB persistence classes

* 'topp.utils.pretty_date.prettyDate' -- data beautifier

* 'topp.utils.pretty_text.truncate' -- string truncater

* 'topp.utils.testing.layer_factory' -- create layers on the fly to
   use with zope.testing

* 'topp.utils.uri' -- functions for working with urls

* 'topp.utils.wenvutils' -- *deprecated* functions for working with workingenvs

* 'topp.utils.zutils.aq_iface' -- find objects up the acquisition
   chain in Zope2 by interface implemented