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use strict;
use warnings;
use t::Utils;
use TheSchwartz::Moosified;
plan tests => 12;
foreach $::prefix ("", "someprefix") {
run_test {
my $dbh1 = shift;
run_test {
my $dbh2 = shift;
my $sch = TheSchwartz::Moosified->new();
$sch->databases([$dbh1, $dbh2]);
$sch->prefix($::prefix) if $::prefix;
isa_ok $sch, 'TheSchwartz::Moosified';
is $sch->funcname_to_id($dbh1, 'foo'), 1;
is $sch->funcname_to_id($dbh1, 'bar'), 2;
is $sch->funcname_to_id($dbh1, 'foo'), 1;
is $sch->funcname_to_id($dbh1, 'baz'), 3;
is $sch->funcname_to_id($dbh2, 'bar'), 1, 'other dbh';
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