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Société Générale


  1. os-factory os-factory Public

    OS Factory for Public Cloud & Private Cloud

    Python 33 19

  2. code2pg code2pg Public

    Tool to help migrate application code from Oracle to PostgreSQL

    Perl 24 10

  3. rabbitmq-advanced-spring-boot-starter rabbitmq-advanced-spring-boot-starter Public

    A generic library for messaging with rabbit mq with extension on spring boot amqp

    Java 87 28

  4. github-crawler github-crawler Public

    a utility to crawl all your repositories and find the information you need - now also working for Gitlab !

    Kotlin 101 18

  5. ci-droid ci-droid Public

    The dev team best buddy, taking care of all the housekeeping for your repositories

    Java 21 16

  6. arch-unit-maven-plugin arch-unit-maven-plugin Public

    A maven wrapper around ArchUnit, to easily share and enforce architecture rules across projects

    Java 110 25


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