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React Loopback Generator

What is this generator ?

This repository provides a Yeoman generator for react as a frontend and loopback as a backend. It provides following features:

  • Generate Loopback server or/and React front client
  • Docker environment
  • Quick configuration for PostgreSQL and MondoDB


  • Install nvm
  • Install yarn
  • Install docker and docker-compose
  • With nvm install the v6 of Node, at user scope: nvm install 6.9.5
  • run nvm use 6.9.5
  • Ports 80 and 35729 free on your host

How to install in order to use it?

npm install -g yo
npm install -g git+ssh://

If you want to use your local version of react-loopback generator, cd into react-loopback-generator folder and run:

npm link

How to generate a project?

Go in folder where you want to generate the project, and run:

yo react-loopback

Follow instructions:

  • Application name: name of your application
  • Application folder: name of the project folder
  • Client?: generate a React client?
  • Server?: generate a Loopback server?
  • Server port?: choose the port of the generated app.

Wait a few minutes while dependencies are installed and follow the generated documentation

How to add a database?

PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Elasticsearch

yo react-loopback:server-datasource

Initially, the server comes with an in memory datasource. If you choose postgresql or mongodb, this in memory database will be replaced by the database, so it'll ask you if you want to override the datasource.json. Answer yes !

Then, you'll need to restart the docker-compose process by doing Ctrl+C and then docker-compose up

If you're using postgresql, you'll need to run the migration by doing docker-compose exec server node_modules/.bin/db-migrate up

Notice that if the server doesn't want to start, it's because the database starts slowly. Change something in the server folder, this will reboot the server and it'll be ok.

Other database

  • Add databse manually in docker-compose.yml
  • Run slc loopback:datasource
  • Install corresponding Loopback connector
  • Add config in server/boot/healtcheck.js

And then?

  • Read and update the generated documentation in your project directory
  • Init your Git repository git init and create a Github repository
  • Configure CircleCI: enable project, and update status badge in the generate
  • You can use slc commands, or use the following subgenerators:
  • yo react-loopback:client-reducer: Generator to create client reducer
  • yo react-loopback:client-component: Generator to create client component
  • yo react-loopback:server-datasource: Generator to add datasource


Redux Devtools Extension

Generator uses Redux Devtools Extension for Redux logic debugging/monitoring. Full documentation available at: Redux Devtools Extension @ GitHub

Chrome Dev Tools

Line by line debugging is available with the generator. More info on how to use it here


Webpack configuration documentation available here

How to contribute?



License is under Apache-2.0
See License