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Socioboard is a powerful social media management and content marketing platform. Using this software users can streamline their social media operations and content marketing. We help brands and businesses better manage their social media presence and be successful and leading companies in this ever-evolving digital space. Our vision is to provide a full-fledged and strong platform for users to enhance their social media management and get results with Socioboard.

The tool gives users the ability to create, plan, and schedule their content when their users are most actively engaged and participating. Users can make their own publishing schedule seamless with Socioboard. Using Socioboard, users can assign tasks, manage permissions, and track team performance to fine-tune how their teams interact. Automation of posts can also be done to reach the audience at the most optimal times leading to an increase in interaction and customer engagement.

Trusted by 20,000+ users, Socioboard occurs as a leading and a powerhouse social media management and content marketing tool used by businesses of all sizes for efficient management of their content on social and other channels. This platform is ideal for Enterprises, SMBs, Marketing agencies, Solopreneurs, and Ecommerce Stores.

Highlighting Features

One can do a lot with this management and marketing tool. Some of our highlighting features listed below

* Managing multiple social accounts made easy

Bring all your social media platforms under one roof so you can better and wisely manage them.

* Detailed analytics to make your stay ahead of the curve

Recognize your target demographic and how they use social media to connect with you. You may choose from pre-built reports or create your own based on the data that matters to you.

* Simplified RSS feed

Fill your feed by discovering fresh pieces of information with the help of RSS feeds. Filtering them by search phrase, sorting them by feed name, date or category is simple.

* Auto Email reports

Get detailed reports of your dashboard statistics, team reports, social media accounts directly in your mail.

* Team Collaboration

Discuss fresh ideas, popular articles, reports, and other topics with your team. Assign tasks, monitor them from one single place!

And a lot more other features which make Socioboard an exceptional social media management and content marketing software. Click to know all the features in detail.

A culture of creativity and trust

Customers always come first in our company. Our expert team is committed to giving users the finest social media management and content marketing experience possible. To win you over, we're depending on honesty, sincerity, and openness in our pricing and relationships.

Make Your Business Social With Socioboard

Socioboard is a user-friendly social media management and content marketing tool that will help you and your team save time. It will be a lot easier to manage various social channels, monitor how your social media effort is doing, schedule your posts seamlessly, auto Email reports, curate content, and a lot more. Visit for more information about Socioboard, including features, price, and all you need to know about using or signing up for Socioboard.

Socioboard Core (Commercial and Open Source) -

Socioboard Core is an open source social media management, analytics and reporting platform. It supports nine social media networks. Using Socioboard Core you can monitor and manage multiple social media accounts and create useful reports and take business decisions based on them. Socioboard Core is available as a web app and mobile apps on iOS and Android. Its completely open source and fully customizable and extensible in the form of plugins. It has a commercial SAAS version at - and open source version at -

Why Open Source ?

There are many great tools available for managing social media programs, from content management systems to analytics tools. But many of the systems available are rigid in their architecture, and cannot be customized to meet the specific editorial, workflow, and governance needs of various organizations. By creating a customizable, open source alternative, teams can model their system on the way they operate in the real world.

There is too much focus on vanity metrics. Marketers don’t focus on driving business results through social media. Brands are still using social media as a broadcast channel.

Social media marketers face the difficulty to access technology that is flexible enough to meet their needs for approval workflow, compliance, asset management, moderation, etc. The tools available for managing social media are often lacking, and perpetuate the issues in social media marketing by overemphasizing broadcasting content and vanity metrics.Marketers don’t focus on driving business results through social media. Brands are still using social media as a broadcast channel.

Open-source is a revolution in an industry which is mostly dominated by big names, in other words it’s a boon in an industry which generally talks about hefty amounts from end users. With many organizations reaching out to open source it is undoubtedly becoming clear that price is not the only advantage which open-source holds against proprietary softwares. We have listed some distinct compelling advantages for business users as well as individuals: Security : The more open the code is the more possibilities it holds to be tested in field and hence the more secure it can be made as is evident by example of Linux distributions.

  • Quality : Thousands of developers contributing across international borders will obviously produce better quality outcome than a handful of developers.

  • Customizability : Users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs as they please.

  • Freedom : Open-source gives freedom from nasty vendor lock-in which people have to endure with proprietary softwares.

  • Flexibility : Open source softwares are typically much less resource-intensive, meaning that people can run it well even on older hardware. It's up to end user not some vendor to decide when it's time to upgrade.

  • Interoperability : Open source software is much better at degree of interoperability vis a vis proprietary software.

  • Auditability : The visibility of the code behind open source software means you can see for yourself and be confident about the quality and functionality.

  • Try Before You Buy : Costs nothing to try. No commitment required until you're sure.


Socioboard comes up with two version. They are
  • Socioboard-4.0

    Socioboard-4.0 is comes up centralized API which is implemented in Node.js, Express, Mongoose and Sequelize ORM and Frontend has been integrated with PHP.

    The configuration links are given below.

  • Socioboard-5.0 ( Latest Release)

    Socioboard-5.0 is a centralized API that is implemented in Node.js, Express, Mongoose and Sequelize ORM, and Frontend has been integrated with PHP. The configuration links will be added soon.

Developer's Documentation :

Refer this document for explained and elaborated documentation for SOCIOBOARD 4.0

+ Please follow the steps of file

INSTALLATION of SocioBoard5.0 file