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Presentation - Flask Overview

Created as a talk for MUG - December 11, 2018


Presentation for the MUG Detroit metro area user group on using Flask, a Python Micro Web Framework. The talk begins by positioning it within the web ecosystem and briefly comparing it to Django. Next we'll dive into building a web application using Flask. Starting simple we'll proceed to introduce templates, forms, user sessions, and finish up with error handling. We'll conclude with next steps and interesting adjacent areas.


Here is the repo with the code used during the talk.


Directory Contents:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • PDF version of PowerPoint presentation

Notes on presentation files

  • The .pptx file was created in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 albeit using an old template file
    • This version has speaker notes
  • The .pdf file was exported from PowerPoint 2016
    • This version has clickable hyperlinks, speaker notes are embedded as a separate layer