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Zeno Rocha zenorocha

born to create and share.

Liferay, Inc. California

Gautam Korlam kageiit

Senior Software Engineer, Android Developer Experience at Uber

Uber San Francisco

Pascal Hartig passy

Used to have a big number on my profile, now just a lot of green boxes.

Facebook, Ex-@Twitter, TodoMVC, @TasteJS, @Yeoman London, UK

Yigit Boyar yigit

Google san francisco

Hadi Hariri hhariri

Speaker, Developer, host of @talkingkotlin and VP of Developer Advocacy at JetBrains.

JetBrains Spain

xiong xiaomeixw

Working in A Robot Company...

MeiLiShenQi-APP Shanghai

Thomas Bruyelle tbruyelle

Comalia Montpellier, France

Pierre-Yves Ricau pyricau

Tech Lead @Square. I enjoy good wine and low entropy code.

Square, Inc. San Francisco

Ersin Ertan ersin-ertan

#AndroidApplicationDeveloper #CloudTech #CognitiveScience

MMSofts Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Mirosław Stanek frogermcs

I dream big and do the code ✨. Head of mobile dev at @AzimoLabs ( tech team)

Azimo Money Transfer Cracow

Frode Nilsen Nilzor

Working at as Android Developer Oslo, Norway

Konstantin Mikheev konmik

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ivan Morgillo hamen

Developer, Writer, Speaker

@biowink Berlin

Jens Driller jenzz

Android Dev @shazam

Shazam London, UK

Nizamutdinov Adel adelnizamutdinov

shipping the dankest code VΛ

Infotech Kazan

Will Norris willnorris

I help teams at @google use and release open source software. Most of my active personal projects are @indieweb related.

Google Half Moon Bay, CA

Henning Dodenhof hdodenhof GmbH Hamburg, Germany

greenrobot greenrobot

greenrobot Munich, Germany

Antonio Leiva antoniolg

Software Engineer at @plexinc , specialized in Android Development. Writer of "Kotlin For Android Developers" book.

@plexinc Madrid (Spain)

Christian Williams xian

computer jerk, bicyclista, godless communist gay baby seal. shepherd at @BAAAHS; @Robolectric, @Google, formerly @Square, @Pivotal, and PlanetOut/

@google San Francisco, CA

Emma Guy emmaguy


ustwo™ London

Gayle McDowell gaylemcd

CareerCup United States

Nathan Marz nathanmarz

San Francisco / New York

Andrey Sitnik ai

Author of Autoprefixer, PostCSS and Logux

@evilmartians Saint Petersburg, Russia

Logan Johnson loganj

Square, Inc. New York, NY

Fernando Cejas android10

| Engineer at @SoundCloud | Passionate about software engineering | Android | Speaker | Geek | Curious Learner |

SoundCloud Ltd. Berlin, Germany

Stephan Linzner otw

Google Mountain View

YangHui kyze8439690


Netease Guangzhou China

Jesse Wilson swankjesse

Square, Inc. Waterloo, Canada

Stan Kocken StanKocken

Dashlane Paris (France)