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sockethub v0.3.0 - 16.11.2014

  • platform irc: fix during connect, the USER command would be rejected due to not enough params.

  • platform irc: remove : from message string, no longer used in irc-factory library.

  • docker: working docker file! hooray!

  • updated npm dependencies.

sockethub v0.2.2 - 16.10.2014

  • platform irc: sometimes leaving a room was represented as a join, and quits would contain undefined properties in the resulting object. (issue #178)

sockethub v0.2.1 - 16.10.2014

  • platform facebook: API errors sending back HTML when expecting JSON. (issue #177)

sockethub v0.2.0 - 09.09.2014

  • official IRC support

  • improved API documentation

  • revamped and simplified credentials process. breaks compatibility with 0.1.x branch.

  • refactored session module into three separate files. lib/sockethub/session-manager.js (the only external interface), and it's subclasses lib/sockethub/session/session.js and lib/sockethub/session/platform.js

  • revamped the set process to use the platform name as the way to indicate where the credentials apply to. You no longer need to use the dispatcher platform to set credentials. (issue #173)

  • minor improvements to class structure throughout the code, to improve readability.

  • many performance optimizations.

sockethub v0.1.5 - 16.12.2013

  • bugfix: encryption key being lost after multiple sessions active. (issue #141)

  • util.redis now has specific support for hset and hget. (issue #140)

  • refactor session.request() function for clarity. This function issues remoteStorage GETs. issue #139)

  • ClientManager has new method move which moves a client object from one key lookup to another while preserving it's reference count. (lib/sockethub/client-manager.js)

  • platform irc: change nick name. (issue #144)

  • platform irc: several additions announcing room activity.

sockethub v0.1.4 - 03.12.2013

  • bugfix: race condition were a disconnect could loose it's redis connection reference before it was able to disconnect. this was fixed but ensuring the websocket server had a unique disconnect callback for each connection. (issue #133)

  • platform rss: renamed to 'feeds' be sure to update your config.js

  • platform feeds: added functionality to fetch only a subset of entries in a feed, using date or url and 'before' or 'after'. (issue #136)

  • platform feeds: media property now added to object, to enable clients to use attached media like podcasts. (issue #138)

  • (sockethub examples) updated to angular 1.2 and bootstrap 3

sockethub v0.1.3 - 08.11.2013

  • bugfix: subsystem event listeners were not being removed after a platform session was destroyed (memory leak)

  • bugfix: in some cases jobs with non-existant platform names were accepted for processing and obviously never reply. (commit 74587a38d23cde0078b46ab275541488b4f4bf29)

  • switched to Q promise library due to issues with promising, and the added bonus of the .fail() method.

  • many of improvements to error handling.

  • removed some overly verbose logging.

  • platforms: (email) ensure email platform always returns a result (issue #131)

  • platforms: (email) more work has been done on imap functionality. (pull #132)

  • platforms: (xmpp) explicity log out of an xmpp session after the client manager has determined the connection is no longer being used. (#69)

sockethub v0.1.2 - 21.10.2013

  • sockethub now functions correctly as a globally installed npm packaged. (npm install -g sockethub)

  • added extensive command-line parameter support. (bin/sockethub --help)

  • sockethub now supports logging to file.

  • tests no longer depend on a config.js to be present, then can send in their own config objects on the fly.

  • fixes to the removal/re-issuing of listeners.

  • more work and bugfixes around client-manager.

  • platforms: (irc) new irc platform added with initial working support. (with plans to make it more complete on next release)

sockethub v0.1.1 - 01.10.2013

  • major improvement of the xmpp platform, which is still a work in progress but basically use-able for sending and receiving messages with existing contacts. (lib/platforms/xmpp.js)

  • introduction of a way for platforms to persist an object beyond a single session, with session.clientManager. (lib/sockethub/client-manager.js)

  • re-factored session objects to provide better code documentation and clarify the different roles. (lib/sockethub/session.js)

  • by default, debug logging is now switched off, so the console output should be a bit less overwhelming.

  • some fixes regarding catching uncaughtExceptions and conflicts with the promising library. (issue #125)

  • general performance optimizations, code simplification, commenting and documentation.

sockethub v0.1.0 - 16.09.2013

  • greatly improved documentation. (docs)

  • centralized credential data structure definitions. (commit)

  • when handling an invalid redis object from the queue, don't throw an exception, just log the error and continue. (issue #120)

  • platforms: (rss) added some more information (total count and article links) in completion response.

  • updated some unit tests

sockethub v0.0.11 - 29.08.2013

  • improved schema checks against incoming credential data objects. (issue #109)

  • created master list of credential data exampls, which is used both for the automated platform tests suite, and the example applications. (issues #107 and (#108)

  • resolved an issue were some lingering redis connections were building up. (issue #105)

  • much more documentation added, and updated requirements / dependencies.

  • platforms: (rss) can handle fetching multiple feeds specified in one command. (issues #111 and (issue #112)

  • platforms: (facebook) bugfixes (issue #105)

a complete list of closed issues assigned to this release

sockethub v0.0.10 - 31.07.2013

  • the dispatcher verifies the platforms of incoming commands against a list of platforms that the dispatcher has received pings from during initialization, otherwise the command fails. (issue #45)

  • revisiting the redis error, this time a few uses of the redis client were tracked down in the session object and fixed. (issue #84)

  • dispatcher was sending cleanup to subsystem (and therefore quitting the subsystem redis channel) at the wrong point (during session end instead of during shutdown). (issue #96)

  • when a listener is spawned (or re-spawned) it now waits until it receives the encryption key from the dispatcher before it queues for a job. (issue #97)

  • platforms: (rss) feed data not passed to client encoded as UTF-8 (issue #99)

  • platforms: (rss) job is now completed only after all articles are fetched and sent to client. (issue #98)

sockethub v0.0.9 - 26.07.2013

  • simplified promise fulfillment for platforms (issue #82)

  • improved session cleanup handling

  • address some listener promise handling issues

  • some small stability fixes related to redis connection hiccups

sockethub v0.0.8 - 19.07.2013

  • fixed some error handling in twitter platform. (issue #89)

  • reworked redis connection management, implemented connection pool. (issues #84 & #74)

  • handle SIGINT as early as possible.

  • fixed race condition where a command sent immediately upon connect could be lost. (issue #90)

  • greatly improved session cleanup handling, removed some old cruft. (issue #92)

  • added a 'cleanup' listener for listeners to register with session objects to know when the dispatcher has sent out a cleanup. (issue #92)

  • many small bugfixes

sockethub v0.0.7 - 10.07.2013

  • multithreading refactor, to improve decoupling and communication between dispatcher and listener(s), as well as improved stability and respawning worker threads

  • bugfixes in twitter platform

  • addition of imap supoprt to fetch verb in the email platform

  • NOTE: npm test may fail as one of its dependencies (test) requires v0.0.18 which is unable to publish to npm at the moment, hopefully this is resolved soon.

sockethub v0.0.6 - 28.06.2013

  • simplified lib/schemas/platforms.js and verbs.js for less typing when adding new verbs or platforms (no name property required and verbs list is an array of strings).

  • sockethub admins can now add custom platforms or verbs by creating a 'local' schema in libs/schemas/platforms.local.js and verbs.local.js using the same format as the default schema files.

  • 'location' property, added to platforms schema. admins can specify the full path to their custom platforms .js file.

  • added sockethub executable: bin/sockethub

  • re-factored the initialization process, we now fork off a control child which then manages the master/worker cluster for listeners, the dispatcher is handled directly by the main sockethub thread. this means no disconnects from the dispatcher when a listener fails and has to reinit.

  • added redis tests to ensure a version of 2.x or greater is installed.

  • additional redis abstraction and returned value vetting

  • platforms: added fetch functionality to twitter platform

  • examples: twitter platform additions for fetch verb, and bugfixes

  • lots of improved error handling and bugfixes

  • adjust ulimit on startup

sockethub v0.0.5 - 20.06.2013

  • new platform: rss

  • updated examples to use sockethub-client repository (don't forget to git submodule init and git submodule update).

  • updated examples for rss platform

  • using 'flat-ui' ontop of twitter bootstrap for a little something different.

sockethub v0.0.4 - 20.05.2013

  • lots of work improving examples (accessible from http://localhost:10550/examples/)

  • platform: facebook

  • added feed reading functionality (verb: fetch)

  • re-arranged the lib/* directory structure to make platform files more accessible and simplify the origanization.

  • documentation updates`