consider: pathname support #146

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Right now ignores the pathname (/users) when I do this:

var socket = new EngineIO('localhost:8080/users')

Maybe this is for higher-level abstractions, but having access to the pathname is nice for room/group messages.

I was able to get it working by converting pathname into a querystring ie. localhost:8080/news/today => localhost:8080/?pathname=/news/today but I wonder if this is something that could easily be supported in

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consider: pathname support #163


So looking at the code a bit closer, it looks like you can set the path as an option:

this.path = (opts.path || '/').replace(/\/$/, '') + '/';

Which, by default has an endpoint that looks like: http://localhost:9000/

I guess what I'm looking for is a way to pass your current URL, window.location.pathname, (ie. /users) to the server-side. This would allow for channels/groups to be based on the current URL you are at. Similar to how: does pooling.


The path should be passed down from the URI though if you pass a string, maybe we missed that

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