Websocket fallback to xhr-polling b/c of missing authorization header when server behind basic_auth #575

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I have an nginx server that proxies the websocket to a backend. All behind HTTPS.
Without basic auth enabled, socket.io establishes a websocket connection, very fast.
However if I enable basic auth in nginx, it seems the Authorization header is only sent in the initial socket.io request, then the websocket request fails because of the missing 401 header, causing socket.io to fallback to xhr polling, which is slower.
I would expect socket.io to include the auth header in all requests when one is present in the initial request.


@rauchg rauchg closed this Nov 25, 2014

Hi guille, do you know if this was addressed in any prior release since I opened this ticket?


In 1.0 the connection should be fast, since it'll start with polling. WebSocket won't allow us to include the Authorization header, though

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