0.9.16 - Reconnect does not trigger reconnect_failed or connect_failed after max tries #582

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It's as simple as that. 0.9.16 breaks once you hit your max reconnection tries. Instead of changing transports, it tries websocket one more time and does not respond to the failed attempt.

It's extremely easy to replicate:

  1. Set max reconnection attempts = 3 (or 2 or whatever).
  2. Add listeners to connect_failed and reconnect_failed.
  3. Connect the client to the server.
  4. Turn off the server (or turn off your internet).
  5. Wait until 3 reconnect attempts run out.
  6. See that it tries a 4th time on the same transport.
  7. It dies. It doesn't keep trying on a new transport and it doesn't trigger a reconnect_failed or connect_failed event.

This is a pretty big issue. If the client just dies and doesn't tell me, I can't properly handle things on my side.

felixge commented Oct 30, 2013

@stevensacks #516 is the correct fix for this problem - please add a +1 comment in hopes of attracting some maintainer attention : )

@rauchg rauchg closed this Nov 25, 2014
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