Socket not responding to emit message #601

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I see a connected message but no response to the message I am emitting?

var io = require(''),
    socket = io.connect('targeturl', {
        port: 8080
socket.on('connect', function () {
    console.log("socket connected"); //this is printed.
socket.emit('list', {"user":'username',"token": 'mytoken'});
socket.on('message', function(data){

socket.on('error', function(data){
    console.log(data); //nothing is printed

Can anyone explain why this doesn't work?


JulianSlzr commented Mar 6, 2014

The message event is only emitted when you use socket.send(). Furthermore, that event is emitted server-side, not client-side.

@rauchg rauchg closed this Nov 25, 2014

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