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Please add a bower.json. This is in the bower repository, but currently doesn't have the bower.json file.


I second this. I keep having to go into the auto generated json file and add:

"main" : "dist/"

So that this will work with grunt and the bower-install.


I third this!


@bweston92 I'm sad to see that there are many pull requests for the current version that have been ignored. Kinda makes me think they might not have much intention in doing anything with this version.

rase- commented Oct 20, 2014

Closing for same reasons as here: #752

@rase- rase- closed this Oct 20, 2014
gabe0x02 commented Nov 5, 2014

That's a disappointing. I can understand where you're coming from but it does make the library harder to use when building the client side.

How is it that the project is even in the bower repo without having a bower.json?


@gabe0x02 that's what i'm wondering. Oh well.. Not like we are trapped into using Personally have been looking into other strategies and libraries that are a little more active. Found some like: Faye, and sockjs. Also eventsource works well for receiving server side events.

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