Latest commit 4578f7e Apr 12, 2016 @whattokingu whattokingu Merge branch 'orgmaster' into queryStringFix
* orgmaster: (44 commits)
  bump zuul
  Remove jspm browser config
  Run lint before test instead of before build
  ESlint manual fix
  Eslint autofix
  Add env to eslintrc
  Exclude generated files from linting
  updated babel-eslint dep to 4.1.7 (4.1.6 broken)
  refactor gulpfile
  Add eslint to gulpfile and create gulp task default
  fixed regex
  Rename gulp task webpack to build
  Remove commented make recipe
  removed babel react preset
  Makefile use gulp from node_modules instead of global
  Remove browserify stuff, add zuul-builder-webpack devDep
  Migrate zuul config from yml to js
  Refactor webpack config out to support/webpack.config.js
  removed ide-specific entries from gitignore
  updated makefile to use gulp commands