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I want to know if version 1.0 of is developping.

I came across a critical memory issue in version 0.9, and the author say he will fix it in version 1.0. But the project looks like inactive recently. Anybody know any news about this?


:) Yes it is, take a look at this #1234 anyway I'm also working on something and I'm really looking forward to develop from scratch on the 1.0, so I was wondering if @guille is ready to speculate on some beta release date or period :)




"Most of the work is happening over at"
Nothing has happened in 2 months (in that repo). Not trying to push anything, but some information would be nice.












I'm on it


@guille - Could you provide any more info? Are we talking like 1 month or 1 year? is an incredible library, and in some ways we've built our little App around it (currently 100% of my livelihood - yay indie!), so ANY guidance from you about the future of the project will literally help us survive.

We are not looking for commitments. Just guidance so we can steer our architecture as we scale. THANK YOU. :)


Agree with toblerpwn. I have a startup with quite a bit of money behind it and we are using I understand that 1.0 is a huge undertaking and close to a complete rewrite but it would be nice to hear status updates more often. It could even facilitate more community help if desired.




Guys, is still alive, go to google groups and see some Guille's replies..
Also I have setup ver1 in my testbed and also tide up with express 3.. it works some stuff are no more in this new version but still going further...


Hm, yeah … it would just be nice to read a sentence on this on the official website, and not burried somewhere in Google Groups. That's all.


This place is to comment for issues.. not for talking or updates, that's why google groups is for,,


You're absolutely right.

Nevertheless there are obviously some people who wonder what the current state is. The fact that there is absolutely no information on the official website and only the sentence

This Readme corresponds to the upcoming 1.0 release.

on the GitHub repo, and the fact that this question apparently is of interest to some people … well, let's say it may be an issue. And the answer

go to google groups and see some Guille's replies

is insufficient (sorry to say that). Please don't get me wrong: I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and I deeply respect the work behind, I only wanted to express and suggest that it may be a good idea to put some info on 1.0 to a more obvious place. That's all.

Just my 2 cents …


Non taken,

But c'mon the guys is busy, is not like he is got a bunch of people reading all buried issues here... some aren't issues "like this one".. beside the main website page has a form to google groups and the link..
If you missed it , is not Guille's fault..

Anyways this is my last response, you all are aware of the where the news are going to..



@utan thanks for coming back to us. I think @goloroden has a point in that the communication channels could be a little clearer. Anyway, it's great to hear that is actively being worked on. I think this issue was opened a while back, when there hadn't been an update on any branch for months and there was no information available other than "v1.0 is coming soon." And now we know what's up.


Yeah, of course you can do it like this. But then don't complain that this question comes up again and again …

You can either solve it once by putting the information to a place where important things can be easily found, or you can hide them somewhere, which results in being asked over and over again.

To put it bluntly: If you don't care about providing what's important for your users - then why should your users use your product? And now please don't start telling me that it's open-source and that everybody has to be thankful and all these things. I know that's right, but in the end, it's in everybody's interest to make working with easy - and having easy access to important information is in the end a question of a good user experience.

If you want to skip this in this point, no problem … but as said, then don't complain and blame your users.


This isn't getting anywhere, I am not tide up with the DEVs here..

I am a newbie and I was able to find at the very website the Google groups link "subscribe", it is on top after the logo...



At Google Groups: dying?

Last replies from @guille :

Please watch master on GitHub in the upcoming days for some big updates. I already have all the tests for 1.0 passing again :)

We still need to land a few new bugfixes to, and the CI testing branch. The new testing suite backed by Sauce Labs revealed a few key issues on IE6-9. Please stay tuned.

Been working on closing some PRs and applying a few others to to prepare for the big push. More updates coming!

So I guess we should see some updates soon


Thanks @guille for this update, this is really great news :-)!


I confirm that tests are all passing. @guille is there a list of remaining items for release?

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