Callbacks don't work if broadcasted. #770

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When you do socket.broadcast.emit(..., callback) it stored in the socket object

  if ('function' == typeof lastArg) { = ++this.ackPackets;
    packet.ack = lastArg.length ? 'data' : true;
    this.acks[] = lastArg;
    args = args.slice(0, args.length - 1);

and broadcasted packets don't know about it;

after callbacks come

      if (socket.acks[packet.ackId]) {
        socket.acks[packet.ackId].apply(socket, packet.args);
      } else {'unknown ack packet');

they just being dropped.

So quick&dirty fix it I ended up doing following:

socket.js:209, ( in this.acks) ? this.acks[] : null);


SocketNamespace.prototype.packet = function (packet, callback) {
  packet.endpoint =;

  // it's dirty hack but fast one issue github:#770
  if (callback && this.manager.rooms[this.flags.endpoint]) {
    for (var i=0, l=this.manager.rooms[this.flags.endpoint].length; i<l; i++) {
      var id = this.manager.rooms[this.flags.endpoint][i];
      if (!~this.flags.exceptions.indexOf(id)) {
        this.manager.namespaces[this.flags.endpoint].sockets[id].acks[] = callback;

Let me know if you have any questions,
or want real pull request.


jcollum commented May 30, 2013

Well I'd like to see it in a pull request. I assumed a broadcast emit would have a callback, but apparently not. What did the owners say about it?

This issue was closed.

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