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phillro commented Oct 1, 2011

Hi. I added auth to the redis store.



3rd-Eden commented Oct 5, 2011

Few comments on this, you really shouldn't throw an error when it fails, but just emit an error event for the store.
Also, can you stick to our code style? See (style guide section) on a small overview of it.


dshaw commented Oct 16, 2011


There are 2-3 important configuration parameters for running Redis in production. When I rewrote this, I chose this minimal configuration internally, which is already pretty noisy and repetitive, and set it up you coud easily pass in a fully configured RedisClient. Furthermore, the API for auth has changed quite a few times in node_redis and I'd rather not track this internally. The baseline parameters that we support internally have been stable for at least over a year, if not for the life of the project.

These essential items are:

  1. and on error listener - or your entire process will exit if there's an issue with redis.
  2. auth
  3. optionally, db selection

new RedisStore({ pub: ..., sub: ..., cmd: ... })


dshaw commented Oct 20, 2011

Oops, I was just chatting with @3rd-Eden and and I realized I referenced the internal property names in the post above.
Should be: new RedisStore({ redisPub: redisPub, redisSub: redisSubscriber, redisClient: redisClient }))

So, in case where auth is required - how would I do that here?


dshaw commented Jan 10, 2012

@diversario Configure your instance of RedisClient externally and pass in the instance as indicated above.

var redis = require('redis')
  , sio = require('')
  , RedisStore = sio.RedisStore
  , io = sio.listen();

var port = 6379
  , hostname = ''
  , password = 's3cret'
  , db = 8;

// redisClient (can be the same as redisPub)
var redisClient = redis.createClient(port, hostname);
redisClient.auth(password, function (err) { if (err) throw err; );

var redisSubscriber = redis.createClient(port, hostname);
redisSubscriber.auth(password, function (err) { if (err) throw err; });

io.set('store', new RedisStore({ redisPub: redisClient, redisSub: redisSubscriber, redisClient: redisClient })));

Ah, that makes sense, thank you.


dshaw commented Jan 10, 2012


rauchg closed this Dec 9, 2013

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