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martinthomson commented Apr 26, 2012

I want control over session IDs (see #497), but I don't need to give that control to the client. This enables both options.

In my example, I am embedding application state in the session ID so that I can forward messages to back end processing without maintaining additional mappings.

I've also added the ability to get the handshake data through to the ID generator and for the authorize method to add to or override the handshake data. This was obviously intended originally, but never quite connected up (repeated use of ``newData || handshakeData''). This handshake data can be seen by the ID generator as well in order to advise in its processing.

A few more tests added to cover these capabilities.


rauchg commented Apr 26, 2012

It doesn't apply cleanly


martinthomson commented May 16, 2012

My sincerest apologies for the apply failure. Put that down to me being a complete git (novice). I've managed to bludgeon git into submission and (pending unmerged changes) this should apply cleanly now.

englercj commented Oct 1, 2012

Is this something that will be integrated soonish? Definitely something that would help reduce the additional mappings I have to maintain.

This issue was closed.

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