High-level wrappers for Ruby sockets with advanced thread-safe timeout support
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High-level Ruby socket library with support for TCP, UDP, and SSL sockets.

Implements thread-safe timeouts using asynchronous I/O and high-precision monotonic timers.


By default, Ruby sockets do not provide a built-in timeout mechanism. The only timeout mechanism provided by the language leverages timeout.rb, which uses unsafe multithreaded behaviors to implement timeouts.

While Socketry provides a synchronous, blocking API similar to Ruby's own TCPSocket and UDPSocket classes, behind the scenes it uses non-blocking I/O to implement thread-safe timeouts.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem "socketry"

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install socketry

Basic Usage

Below is a basic example of how to use Socketry to make an HTTPS request:

require "socketry"

socket = Socketry::SSL::Socket.connect("github.com", 443)
socket.writepartial("GET / HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: github.com\r\n\r\n")
p socket.readpartial(1024)

TCP, SSL, and UDP servers and sockets also available.


Please see the Socketry wiki for more detailed documentation and usage notes.

YARD API documentation is also available.

Supported Ruby Versions

This library aims to support and is tested against the following Ruby versions:

  • Ruby 2.2.6+
  • Ruby 2.3
  • Ruby 2.4
  • Ruby 2.5
  • JRuby

If something doesn't work on one of these versions, it's a bug.

This library may inadvertently work (or seem to work) on other Ruby versions, however support will only be provided for the versions listed above.

If you would like this library to support another Ruby version or implementation, you may volunteer to be a maintainer. Being a maintainer entails making sure all tests run and pass on that implementation. When something breaks on your implementation, you will be responsible for providing patches in a timely fashion. If critical issues for a particular implementation exist at the time of a major release, support for that Ruby version may be dropped.


  • Fork this repository on github
  • Make your changes and send us a pull request
  • If we like them we'll merge them
  • If we've accepted a patch, feel free to ask for commit access


Copyright (c) 2016 Tony Arcieri. Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for further details.