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SocketStream is a framework for Realtime Web Apps

Latest release: 0.4.5 (view changelog)

Live demo | Documentation


Please note that the 0.4 release has many modifications. It is expected to be robust and changes are well covered by tests. It should be ready for production.

npm install -g socketstream


socketstream new <your_app_name>
cd <your_app_name>
npm install
npm start

Then open a web browser at localhost:3000:

open http://localhost:3000

Why SocketStream?

Building a simple chat app that uses websockets is easy, but rich, non-trivial, responsive realtime UI without ending up with a mess of code is hard SocketStream eases the pain by:

  • Integrating best-of-breed modules to increase productivity
  • Providing a sensible place to put everything
  • Accelerating development with Live Reload and (optional) support for Stylus, Jade, and other transpilers.
  • Accelerating deployment with integrated asset packing and CDN support
  • Organizing spaghetti client-side code into modules you can require() with Browserify
  • Working well with all major client-side frameworks (e.g. Backbone, Ember, Angular)

Applications using SocketStream

  • Dashku: Realtime dashboards and widgets using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also hosted at
  • SketchDeck: An app for designing great slide decks from sketches, also a Y Combinator tech startup.
  • Hollow: An interactive, emmy-nominated documentary.
  • Bitjoy: Realtime Bitcoin prices and news.
  • Teeleader: A booking engine for Golf courses.



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Checkout the documentation here.

Next Major Release 0.5

Build Status Coverage Status


This upcoming is expected in late 2015. The current state can be found on the next branch.


Creator: Owen Barnes

Core Contributors:

  • Paul Jensen
  • Roman Minkin
  • Robert Hall
  • Joshua Cullick
  • Henrik Vendelbo



SocketStream is released under the MIT license.