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Sponsorship Update

Inspired by FunConf earlier this year (, I decided to leave AOL a few weeks ago to work on my own business ideas. Consequently SocketStream is no longer sponsored by AOL. I would especially like to thank those in the company who took an interest in the project at an early stage and have provided support and encouragement along the way. For those of you wondering what this means for the future of SocketStream, fear not! I am currently working full time on SocketStream 0.4 which is going to play a huge role in what I do next :)
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@@ -367,11 +367,6 @@ Thanks also to the many who have contributed code and ideas. We plan to properly
Thanks to Guillermo Rauch (Socket.IO), TJ Holowaychuk (Stylus, Jade), Substack (Browserify), Jeremy Ashkenas (CoffeeScript), Mihai Bazon (UglifyJS), Isaac Schlueter (NPM), Salvatore Sanfilippo (Redis) and the many others who's amazing work has made SocketStream possible. Special thanks to Ryan Dahl (creator of node.js) for the inspiration to do things differently.
-### Thanks!
-SocketStream is kindly sponsored by AOL.
### License
SocketStream is released under the MIT license.

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paulbjensen commented on 859fff9 Oct 15, 2012


You'll do great!


sveisvei replied Oct 16, 2012

Let the streams begin! Awesome Owen! :)

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