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Any i18n tips/suggestions? Ideally solution supporting server and client side at the same time.


How about http://jamuhl.github.com/i18next/ (clientside) and https://github.com/jamuhl/i18next-node (same but for node serverside) ?


Well, there is no shortage of these, ex. i18next jsperanto, jed, messageformat. I'm more asking about suggestions on how to use them within socketstream and what's possible future directions on that.
On top of regular i18n considerations like prulars, loading, translation standard, there are ones that come with socketstream itself - when to load, where to inject, what about packed assets and so on. Was wondering if anybody did any thinking on that.



To my knowledge, there's never been an official way to handle i18n within SocketStream. That said, there are 2 posts from users mentioning i18n in the Google Group:



It may be worth getting in contact with those post authors to get their take on how they approached it.


There is no 'official way' as yet but I did try using http://jamuhl.github.com/ and found that worked well. You can always put your .json files (one for each language) in your static folder and load them via an AJAX call.

Could you also do this over the WS? I guess so. Would there be any advantage? Not really. Sending large files over the WS is almost never worth it as it will block any other requests.

My plan for 0.4 documentation is to include a 'Recipe Area' full of articles like "How do I use Redis with SocketStream?" and "How do I add i18n to my app" with code examples which point you in the right direction.


Closing as this is a discussion and not a feature request.

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