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there is no api.remove #362

jcw opened this Issue · 3 comments

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For my long-running modular app based on SocketStream, I need to be able to unregister services, but socketstream.js only defines an "add" function.

I'll monkey-patch it in for now.


Hi there

Can you describe why you need this? The concept of api.add() will go away in 0.4, but you'll still be able to append properties to a global object which is accesible inside your code.


In HouseMon, you can install and uninstall modules from the client side - some of them add services on the server end, which then get called via rpc. They need to be removed again on uninstall, because otherwise you get an error when installing for the second time. I tend to avoid server restarts, because this is a long-running monitoring and data-acquisition setup.

On second thought - I could probably just "install" an empty server "callback" object, and then manage the HouseMon services there myself.


Hi there. As we've discussed I'm not (at least at the moment) trying to make a hot-loading server, so right now there's no need/use for an api.remove() function.

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