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package.json websocket transport layer for SocketStream


npm install


In your SocketStream application's app file, insert the following line of code:''));

By default, the client-side library will connect to the browser's host and port. If you wish to set this manually, you can do so here:''), {client:{host:'localhost', port:1337}});


Engine.IO uses the VisionMedia debug module. To debug connection issues, you must set the DEBUG environment variable to engine*, or, in your app, set process.env.DEBUG accordingly, before requiring If you want to limit the type of message, you can be more precise, and specify a comma separated list. For example:

process.env.DEBUG = "engine:socket,engine:ws"

You can get the various categories by watching the engine* log.

If you want client-side logs, enable client.debug in the options (,{client:{debug:true}})).

Browsers suppoting local storage are supported ( limitation). That means IE8+, and recent-ish Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Note that on the client side, when client.debug is true, the localStorage.debug slot will be mutated. It treats the debug value as a CSV list, and add or removes engine* entries according to the current mode. This should be benign in most cases.

When client.debug is not set (the default), nothing happens to localStorage.debug. If they were not cleared, the engine* entries will remain in place.


make test

License & Credits

2012 Anephenix Ltd. is licensed under the MIT License.

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