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Stylus (CSS) code wrapper for SocketStream 0.3
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Stylus (CSS) wrapper for SocketStream 0.3

Allows you to use Stylus files (.styl) in your SocketStream project.


Add ss-stylus to your application's package.json file and then add this line to app.js:


Nib is included by default. To use this in your app add:

@import 'nib'

at the top of your .styl file.

JavaScript variable injection

The ss-stylus wrapper allows you use JavaScript variables within your Stylus code.

This can be useful if you need to serve assets from a CDN in production. For example:

var ssStylus = require('ss-stylus');
var assetsPath = '';

ssStylus.prependStylus('$assetsPath = \'' + assetsPath + '\'');

Including CSS imports

To include CSS imports, pass these options to loading the ss-stylus library:

ss.client.formatters.add(require('ss-stylus'), { 'include css' : true });
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