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Ubik is an elegant package manager for Unix
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Ubik is lightweight, elegant, no-external web service linked and easy to use package manager. Inspired by the elegant Homebrew for OSX. It contain full toolchain for package creation and repository management.

Written in Python.


  • Install/Remove/Upgrade/Reinstall
  • Deps resolver for installation
  • Cache
  • Md5 checker
  • Package control file are Python objects
  • Full Python


pip install ubik


Take a look at tests page. You can run tests with tests/ script.


Thanks to Requests, Docopt and ProgressBar to be awesome tools.

For information:

Canopsis is a hypervisor, built on top of all open source monitoring solutions to agregate, correlate and ponderate events flowing from them.


License is AGPL3, it fully compatible with Canopsis. See LICENSE.

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