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Feed return with content-type: "text/html" #48

socketubs opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Geoffrey Lehée Iivari Äikäs
Geoffrey Lehée

So ok, we gonna hate webserver programmers.
Some of my feeds return content-type: text/html instead of of content-type: application/rss+atom for example.

Maybe it's not a good thing to believe webservers content type guessers and we have could try ourselves to detect if it's a xml (feed) file before trying a HTTP request to find meta tags ?

Iivari Äikäs

I was slightly (okay, not just slightly) scared that this might happen, but was too tipsy at that point to care.. It seems that feedparser actually provides feed version functionality, we should definetly use that instead of request headers.

Geoffrey Lehée

Oh yeah, I haven't see it.
Feedparser use its internal bozo detection which is set to 0 when a feed is wellformed or 1 when not.

I think it's just our solution.
And it will save us one HTTP request if user provide the feed url.

Geoffrey Lehée

Now fixed by feedparser.
Thanks @orva !

Geoffrey Lehée socketubs closed this
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