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Mention raw websocket url in the readme

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@@ -210,6 +210,23 @@ jsonp-polling | Slow and old fashioned [JSONP polling][^6]. This transpor
+Connecting to SockJS without the client
+Although the main point of SockJS it to enable browser-to-server
+connectivity, it is possible to connect to SockJS from an external
+application. Any SockJS server complying with 0.2 protocol does
+support a raw WebSocket url. The raw WebSocket url for the test server
+looks like:
+ * ws://localhost:8081/echo/websocket
+You can connect any WebSocket RFC 6455 compliant WebSocket client to
+this url. This can be a command line client, external application,
+third party code or even a browser (though I don't know why you would
+want to do so).

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