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%% Cowboy http callbacks
-export([init/3, handle/2, terminate/3]).
%% Cowboy ws callbacks
-export([websocket_init/3, websocket_handle/3,
websocket_info/3, websocket_terminate/3]).
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------------
init({_Any, http}, Req, Service) ->
case sockjs_handler:is_valid_ws(Service, {cowboy, Req}) of
{true, {cowboy, _Req1}, _Reason} ->
{upgrade, protocol, cowboy_websocket};
{false, {cowboy, Req1}, _Reason} ->
{ok, Req1, Service}
handle(Req, Service) ->
{cowboy, Req3} = sockjs_handler:handle_req(Service, {cowboy, Req}),
{ok, Req3, Service}.
terminate(_Reason, _Req, _Service) ->
%% --------------------------------------------------------------------------
websocket_init(_TransportName, Req, Service = #service{logger = Logger}) ->
Req0 = Logger(Service, {cowboy, Req}, websocket),
Service1 = Service#service{disconnect_delay = 5*60*1000},
{Info, Req1} = sockjs_handler:extract_info(Req0),
SessionPid = sockjs_session:maybe_create(undefined, Service1, Info),
{RawWebsocket, {cowboy, Req3}} =
case sockjs_handler:get_action(Service, Req1) of
{{match, WS}, Req2} when WS =:= websocket orelse
WS =:= rawwebsocket ->
{WS, Req2}
self() ! go,
{ok, Req3, {RawWebsocket, SessionPid}}.
websocket_handle({text, Data}, Req, {RawWebsocket, SessionPid} = S) ->
case sockjs_ws_handler:received(RawWebsocket, SessionPid, Data) of
ok -> {ok, Req, S};
shutdown -> {shutdown, Req, S}
websocket_handle(_Unknown, Req, S) ->
{shutdown, Req, S}.
websocket_info(go, Req, {RawWebsocket, SessionPid} = S) ->
case sockjs_ws_handler:reply(RawWebsocket, SessionPid) of
wait -> {ok, Req, S};
{ok, Data} -> self() ! go,
{reply, {text, Data}, Req, S};
{close, <<>>} -> {shutdown, Req, S};
{close, Data} -> self() ! shutdown,
{reply, {text, Data}, Req, S}
websocket_info(shutdown, Req, S) ->
{shutdown, Req, S}.
websocket_terminate(_Reason, _Req, {RawWebsocket, SessionPid}) ->
sockjs_ws_handler:close(RawWebsocket, SessionPid),