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* #103 - connection.protocol might have been empty on some rare
* #99 - faye-websocket was leaking sockets in "closed" state
when dealing with rfc websockets
* #73 - apparently 'package' is a reserved keyword (use 'pkg' instead)
* #93 - Coffescript can leak a variable when the same name is used
in catch statement. Let's always use 'x' as the variable in catch.
* #76 - decorateConnection could throw an error if remote connection
was closed before setup was complete
* #90 - Fix "TypeError: 'addListener'" exception (via @pl).
* remove 'optionalDependencies' section from package.json,
'rbytes' was always optional.
* #91 - Fix rare null exception.
* sockjs/sockjs-protocol#56, #88 Fix for iOS 6 caching POSTs
* #58 - websocket transport emitted an array instead of a string
during onmessage event.
* Running under node.js 0.7 caused infinite recursion (Stephan Kochen)
* #59 - restrict characters allowed in callback parameter
* Updated readme - rbytes package is optional
* Updated readme WRT deployments on heroku
* Add minimalistic license block to every source file.
* Sending JSESSIONID cookie is now *disabled* by default.
* sockjs/sockjs-protocol#46 - introduce new service
required for protocol tests "/cookie_needed_echo"
* Initial work towards better integration with
"connect" (Stephan Kochen). See discusion:
* More documentation about the Cookie and Origin headers.
* #51 - expose "readyState" on connection instance
* #53 - expose "protocol" on connection instance
* #52 - Some protocols may not emit 'close' event with IE.
* sockjs/sockjs-client#49 - Support 'null' origin - aka: allow SockJS
client to be served from file:// paths.
* Bumped "faye-websocket" dependency to 0.4. Updated
code to take advantage of introduced changes.
* Pinned "node-static" and bumped "node-uuid" dependencies.
* Removed "Origin" header list of headers exposed to the user.
This header is not really meaningful in sockjs context.
* Header "Access-Control-Allow-Methods" was misspelled.
* #36, #3 - Replace a custom WebSocket server implementation
with faye-websocket-node.
* Multiple changes to support SockJS-protocol 0.2.
* The session is now closed on network errors immediately
(instead of waiting 5 seconds)
* Raw websocket interface available - to make it easier
to write command line SockJS clients.
* Support '/info' url.
* The test server got moved from SockJS-client to SockJS-node.
* Dropped deprecated Server API (use createServer method instead).
* Option `websocket` is now used instead of `disabled_transports`.
* #27 - Allow all unicode characters to be send over SockJS.
* #14 - Make it possible to customize JSESSIONID cookie logic.
* #32 Expose various request headers on connection.
* #30 Expose request path on connection.
* The API changed, there is now an idiomatic API, modelled on node.js
Stream API. The old API is deprecated and there is a dummy wrapper
that emulates it. Please do upgrade to the new idiomatic API.
* #22 Initial support for hybi13 (stephank)
* New options accepted by the `Server` constructor: `log`,
`heartbeat_delay` and `disconnect_delay`.
* SockJS is now not able to send rich data structures - all data
passed to `write` is converted to a string.
* #23 `Connection.remoteAddress` property introduced (Stéphan Kochen)
* Loads of small changes in order to adhere to protocol spec.
* #20: `npm submodule sockjs` didn't work due to outdated github
* Support for htmlfile transport, used by IE in a deployment
dependent on cookies.
* Added /chunking_test API, used to detect support for HTTP chunking
on client side.
* Unified code logic for all the chunking transports - the same code
is reused for polling versions.
* All the chunking transports are closed by the server after 128K was
send, in order to force client to GC and reconnect.
* Don't distribute source coffeescript with npm.
* Minor fixes in websocket code.
* Dropped jQuery dependency.
* Unicode encoding could been garbled during XHR upload.
* Other minor fixes.
* EventSource transport didn't emit 'close' event.
* By default set JSESSIONID cookie, useful for load balancing.
* Initial release.
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