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SockJS family:

Work in progress:


This project attempts to provide a definition of SockJS protocol. The documentation is in a form of a Python test suite decorated with some prose in literate-programming style. You can see current documentation here:

Running tests

You must have Python 2.X and virtualenv installed. You can install it via pip install virtualenv or sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv.

To run the test suite against your server, first checkout dependencies:

make test_deps

And you're ready to run the tests against your server. By default we assume that your test server is at http://localhost:8081:


You can specify the test server URL manually:

SOCKJS_URL=http://localhost:1234 ./venv/bin/python -v

You can run specific tests providing test class as an optional argument:

./venv/bin/python Protocol.test_simpleSession

There is also another test, intended to look for some http quirks:

./venv/bin/python -v

Generating literate html

If you edited files, you may want to see how it looks rendered to html. To generate the html type:

make build

You should see generated html files in docs subdirectory.

If you see pygments.util.ClassNotFound, take a look here.