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#### General
all: pycco_deps test_deps build
build: pycco_deps
./venv/bin/pycco sockjs-protocol*.py
rm -rf venv *.pyc
#### Dependencies
virtualenv venv
-rm distribute-*.tar.gz || true
pycco_deps: venv/.pycco_deps
venv/.pycco_deps: venv
./venv/bin/pip install pycco
touch venv/.pycco_deps
test_deps: venv/.test_deps
venv/.test_deps: venv
./venv/bin/pip install unittest2
./venv/bin/pip install websocket-client==0.4.1
# Main source crashes
./venv/bin/pip install git+git://
touch venv/.test_deps
#### Development
serve: pycco_deps
@while [ 1 ]; do \
make build; \
sleep 0.1; \
inotifywait -r -q -e modify .; \
#### Deployment
upload: build
@node -v > /dev/null
[ -e ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages ] || \
git clone `git remote -v|tr "[:space:]" "\t"|cut -f 2` \
--branch gh-pages ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages
(cd ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages; git pull;)
cp docs/* ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages
(cd ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages; git add pycco.css sockjs*html; git commit sockjs*html -m "Content regenerated";)
(cd ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages; node generate_index.js > index.html;)
(cd ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages; git add index.html; git commit index.html -m "Index regenerated";)
@echo ' [*] Now run:'
@echo '(cd ../sockjs-protocol-gh-pages; git push;)'
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