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Développement de solutions digitales sur mesure, évolutives et ergonomiques


  1. BOT-Pinterest_Bulk_Post BOT-Pinterest_Bulk_Post Public

    This script is designed to automate the process of creating and posting images to your Pinterest account.

    Python 5

  2. BOT-Facebook_Bulk_Invite_Friend_To_FB_Group BOT-Facebook_Bulk_Invite_Friend_To_FB_Group Public

    This script automates the process of inviting Facebook friends to join a group.

    Python 1

  3. BOT-Linkedin_DataLinks_Scrapping BOT-Linkedin_DataLinks_Scrapping Public

    Here is the Python code for scraping contact info on LinkedIn.

    Python 1

  4. BOT-Instagram_Scrapping BOT-Instagram_Scrapping Public

    Here is the Python code to scrap Instagram Profiles.

    Python 1

  5. BOT-FreeWork_Scrapping BOT-FreeWork_Scrapping Public

    This is a Python script to scrape job postings from FreeWork using Selenium and BeautifulSoup.

    Python 1

  6. BOT_GoogleMap_Scrapping BOT_GoogleMap_Scrapping Public

    Here's the Python code for scraping data from Google Maps.

    Python 2


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