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{Adapter,TextMessage} = require 'hubot'
Faye = require 'faye'
http = require 'http'
request = require 'request'
cookie = require 'cookie'
url = require 'url'
class SococoMessage
constructor:(@text) -> @
toJSON: () -> {
"messageType": "Message",
"contentData": @text,
class Sococo extends Adapter
emote: (envelope, strings...) ->
@send envelope, "* #{str}" for str in strings
reply: (envelope, strings...) ->
console.log("reply to user")
strings = (s) -> "#{}: #{s}"
@send envelope, strings...
send: (envelope, strings...) ->
#console.log "Send msg on channel: #{}"
return if not @client
for str in strings
msg = new SococoMessage(str).toJSON()
@client.publish, msg
console.log "--> [#{}] #{msg.contentData}"
close: ->
console.log "Shutting down bot"
return if not @client
console.log "Disconnecting client"
setTimeout ->
, 1000
run: ->
@options =
server: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_SERVER or null
token: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_TOKEN or null
roomcode: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_ROOMCODE or null
# optional arguments that usually do not need to be changed:
loginpath: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_LOGINPATH or null
bayeuxpath: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_BAYEUXPATH or null
fayedebug: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_FAYEDEBUG or null
encodecookies: process.env.HUBOT_SOCOCO_ENCODECOOKIES or false
channel: "/service/stream"
if not @options.server or not @options.token
@robot.logger.error("HUBOT_SOCOCO_SERVER and HUBOT_SOCOCO_TOKEN env variables must be set")
return process.exit 1
process.on 'uncaughtException', (err) =>
@robot.logger.error err.stack
console.log "Sococo init"
loginPath = @options.loginpath or "/api/v1/login"
# make a request to the /login endpoint to validate the api token and room code
j = request.jar()
reqOps =
method: "post"
url: "#{@options.server}#{loginPath}"
json: true
jar: j
token: @options.token
room: @options.roomcode
console.log "Making login request to:", reqOps.url
request reqOps, (error, response, body) =>
if error || !response || response.statusCode != 200
status = response && response.statusCode
# TODO: should retry if code is 503 (60 seconds or whatever is in the response body)
console.log "error connecting: ", status, error, body
# need to preserve cookies for the bayeux phase
cookieString = j.getCookieString(reqOps.url)
@connectStream cookieString
connectStream: (cookieString) ->
bayeuxPath = @options.bayeuxpath or "/api/v1/bayeux"
streamUrl = "#{@options.server}#{bayeuxPath}"
# must reparse the url into components so that we can set the cookies properly
urlParts = url.parse streamUrl
@client = new Faye.Client(streamUrl)
if @options.fayedebug
incoming: (message, pipe) =>
clientId = null
console.log "FayIN [#{clientId}]: ", JSON.stringify(message)
pipe message
outgoing: (message, pipe) =>
clientId = null
console.log "FayOUT[#{clientId}]: ", JSON.stringify(message)
pipe message
# faye doesn't support setting a cookie directly, so set the Cookie header
cookies = cookie.parse cookieString
for key,value of cookies
if @options.encodecookies # this should normally be false, as these are pre-encoded
value = encodeURIComponent(value)
console.log "encoding cookie values",value
cookieStr = "#{key}=#{value}; Path=#{urlParts.path}; Domain=#{urlParts.hostname}"
console.log "Setting cookie: #{cookieStr}"
console.log("Connecting to Bayeux server: #{streamUrl}")
@client.connect () =>
console.log("Connected #{} to : #{@options.server}")
# Subscribe to the API channel
sub = @client.subscribe, (msg) =>
msg = JSON.parse msg if typeof msg == "string"
if msg.messageType == "Message"
# Filter out messages sent by the bot
if msg.senderType == 'API' or typeof msg.senderType is 'undefined'
#console.log "Filter out bot msg #{JSON.stringify(msg,null,3)}"
# Unique Key for each msg
msgKey = '' + msg.senderID + msg.timestamp
console.log "<-- [#{msg.senderType}] #{msg.contentData}"
user = @robot.brain.userForId msg.senderID, name: msg.senderDisplayName, room: "TheRoom"
textMessage = new TextMessage user, msg.contentData, msgKey
@receive textMessage
sub.callback () =>
console.log("subscribed on",
@emit 'connected'
sub.errback (err) => @robot.logger.error err.stack or err
exports.use = (robot) ->
new Sococo robot