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So Coded balloon lights control library.


To use the REPL just install 'lichterwahn'.

npm install -g lichterwahn

or add it to your package.json

npm install lichterwahn --save


We also encourage you to use the library programmatically, like:

var LED_COUNT = 70

var lichterwahn = require('lichterwahn')

// this is your assigned ID for the simulator, zero is the actual lights installation
var lights = lichterwahn(0)

for (var i = 0; i < LED_COUNT; i++) {
  lights(i, 150, 200, 120)

All LEDs have numbers 0 - 70 and you can set the color in RGB values

lights(led_id, red, green, blue)

Have fun and happy hacking!

The order loves you <3

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