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In the name of God

In this project I implement a simple client and server using java that communicate with each other using sockets. I use JSON to serialize I/O of sockets.

For running a network of hosts you can use mininet or any thing else that represents different ips for different hosts. I use mininet so I implement a topology for my network in file using python. You can run your network using mininet with command below on terminal: sudo mn --custom ./ --topo mytopo

In mininet, for running terminal of each host use the command below, example for host 1: xterm h1

For running server go to ./SimpleNetworking/out/artifacts/SimpleNetworkingServer then you can see list of users and passwords in users.txt file that you can change it for yourself. For excuting server program, run the command below on terminal: java -jar SimpleNetworkingServer.jar

For running client go to ./SimpleNetworking/out/artifacts/SimpleNetworkingClient. For excuting client program, run the command below on terminal: java -jar SimpleNetworkingClient.jar server_ip

Notice: server_ip in the command above is the ip of server that client should connect.

After running server and clients you can login on clients using correct usernames and passwords, then you can send messages to other online clients.

Notice: I don't implement delivering or caching methods, so you can do it for yourself if you want it.