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Implementation of time synchronization protocols in asynchronous distributed systems
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Synchronization of time in asynchronous distributed systems requires protocols that perform this synchronization by interfacing with the time server, and there are currently various protocols for time synchronization in the network. Each of which has its own application. In this project, we are understanding and implementing two of the best and most widely used protocols - the NTP and PTP protocols, along with the core algorithm of time synchronization - the Cristian algorithm, and we will review the various synchronization challenges in distribution systems. There are various obstacles to implementation, which forces us to simplify. Then, we define the scalability assessment criterion and, based on this criterion, we obtain results and analyze these results well. We create a virtual network and one of the hosts in the role of a monitor server to monitor the execution of other protocols and another host in the role of the time server to keep the entire network time. Several other hosts in the role of the primary server with the Crisitan algorithm are synchronized with the time server, and several other hosts in the role of the secondary server with the NTP protocol are synchronized with the primary servers. In the end, a number of other hosts are synchronized in the role of the client with the NTP protocol with the secondary NTP servers, and the other hosts in the role of the client with the PTP protocol with the secondary PTP servers. Then the synchronized clients exchange messages and the time of sending these messages as well as the number of exchanged messages for synchronization and the last synchronization time of each client is monitored on the monitor server.

Link of this project's paper in persian language:

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