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Basic Kettle workflow documentation

What is this workflow for?

  • Demonstration of basic functionality of Kettle
  • CSV Input
  • Pivot Columns into flat rows
  • Rename
  • String Operations: Filter out unwanted characters, and unwanted values (ie "NA")
  • Change decimal to percent
  • Publish to Socrata

How do I get set up?

The Transformation Workflow

  • This workflow transforms the input file into a machine readable dataset ready to power your Socrata site
  • On CSV File input browse to the path of the input file input.csv
  • On the text file output browse to the path of output file location
  • Open each step to understand how it was configured and what it achieves
  • Open and compare the input file to the output. Output is ready for your Socrata site!

The DataSync Runner Workflow

  • This workflow runs the transformation workflow, then runs Datasync to publish to output file online
  • You must first run the Transformation workflow and publish the output.csv to your site using DataSync
  • Save the DataSync job, copy the command line prompt, run it in your command line
  • Did it work? If not you might have to explicitly point to where your java instance is located or where your DataSync jar is located
  • Once you have a command that executes the DataSync job paste the line into the step: DataSyncRunner in the workflow