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Socrata Datasync

Last updated: June 2, 2017

Looking for the latest release? Get it here:

General Information

DataSync is an executable Java application which serves as a general solution to automate publishing data on the Socrata platform. It can be used through a easy-to-use graphical interface or as a command-line tool ('headless mode'). Whether you are a non-technical user, developer, or ETL specialist DataSync makes data publishing simple and reliable. DataSync takes a CSV or TSV file on a local machine or networked hard drive and publishes it to a Socrata dataset so that the Socrata dataset stays up-to-date. DataSync can also publish geospatial files such as zipped shapefiles, geoJSON, KML, and KMZ files. DataSync jobs can be integrated into an ETL process, scheduled using a tool such as the Windows Task Scheduler or Cron, or used to perform updates or create new datasets in batches. DataSync works on any platform that runs Java version 1.8 or higher (i.e. Windows, Mac, and Linux). This simple, yet powerful publishing tool lets you easily update Socrata datasets programmatically and automatically (scheduled), without writing a single line of code.

Comprehensive DataSync Documentation

The Socrata University Class: Socrata Introduction to Integration

Standard Jobs

Standard jobs can be set up to take a CSV data file from a local machine or networked folder and publish it to a specific dataset. A job can be automated easily using the Windows Task Scheduler or similar tool to run the job at specified intervals (i.e. once per day). standard job tab

GIS Jobs

GIS jobs can be set up to handle geospatial datasets, such as zipped shapefiles, geoJSON, KML, or KMZ files and replace specific datasets on Socrata. The job can then be automated in a similar fashion to standard jobs.

Port Jobs

Port jobs are used for moving data around that is already on the Socrata platform. Users that have publisher rights can make copies of datasets through this tool. Port jobs allow the copying of both dataset schemas (metadata and columns) and data (rows). port job tab


This repository is our development basecamp. If you find a bug or have questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contribute to our issue tracker.

Apache Maven

DataSync uses Maven for building and package management. For more information: What is Maven?

To build the project, first you'll need to create an application token on your profile page. Put the random string it produces in a file called "api-key.txt" in the root directory of this project, then run

mvn clean install

To compile the project into an executable JAR file (including all dependencies) run:

mvn clean compile -Dmaven.test.skip=true assembly:single

This puts the JAR file into the "target" directory inside the repo. So to open DataSync, simply:

cd target
java -jar DataSync-1.8.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Java SDK

DataSync can be used as a Java SDK, for detailed documentation refer to: