A sample app to show how to connect to the Socrata Open Data API using the OAuth2 Rubygem
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Socrata Open Data API OAuth Sample App

NOTE! This repo is severely out-of-date. It was recently changed to float the gem versions to facilitate updating several gems that had CVEs reported against them. As of July, 2018 the code is untested and it may not work as expected. If you intend to use this sample application and encounter any difficulties, please either file an issue on this repo, or reach out support@socrata.com for assistance.

This application shows how to connect to any Socrata-powered website using the OAuth2 Rubygem. To use it, clone it and copy config.yml.sample to config.yml, and fill in the details you get when you register for an application on your Socrata account.

Then, either run it locally by doing a bundle install and then shotgun config.ru and visiting http://localhost:9393, or push it to Heroku to run it on the web for free.

For more details, please see the SODA documentation about Authentication. You can post any questions you might have to the Socrata support website, where we’d be happy to help you.

Happy hacking!