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SoCraTes Day 2021 Zürich

  • Date and Time: Thursday, 24th September, 2021
    • Video Conference System will open at 8:30 (registered participants will receive an email with all the information)
    • Zoom session opens at 08:00, event starts at 9:00 (UTC/GMT +2 hours, Europe/Zurich)
    • The conference ends around 17:00 o'clock (UTC/GMT +2 hours, Europe/Zurich).
  • Location: ONLINE EVENT
  • Website and Tickets:
  • Take a look at the frequently asked questions (also on discord)
  • Check out the market place on our Miro board
  • Beer at 18:00 in Zürich Paddy Reilly's Zürich


"Rules during the day and sessions"

  • Bumblebees and Butterflies - Learn, contribute or walk away. Switch the online session or create your own one... but communicate your own session at the main video conference chat
  • Law of 2 Feet - Go to a place where you can learn or share.
  • Whoever comes are the right people.
  • It starts when it starts. When it's over it's over.


The marketplace - where attendees propose topics and develop an agenda for breakout sessions - is held in a Zoom session and a Miro board. If you want to host a session in the SoCraTes Day Switzerland, you will need to create an account and request edit permissions for the board.

To pitch the session efficiently the slots will first be filled with topics, then the topics will be pitched by the hosts of the sessions. The order of the pitch is given by the Miro board.


We prepared rooms (using Jitsi) for the sessions, where you can host your session and share your screen. If you need any further tooling for your session, we kindly ask you to prepare it before hand such the session runs smoothly.


Twitter: @SoCraTesDay_CH, hashtag #SoCraTesZurich

In case of any problems, please contact the organisers directly

...or contact us via discord.