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Updated CHANGELOG for 1.2rc2

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1 parent d036276 commit 08231e0aa1ccf1bf26b51000a42cd82efb3f19f8 @stahnma stahnma committed Jul 22, 2011
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+d036276 (#8505) Update the default date stringification.
+bb99ed9 Properly Quote RAILS_ROOT in get_app_version method
+08717e1 (#8508) Add delayed job worker script for debian/ubuntu package
+2eef4f4 (#8529) Remove unneeded a print statement from sass.rb
+af8b6e9 (#8500) Replace README with a smaller one
+dff2256 (#8499) Update the usage of mktemp in Rakefile to work on mac
+3f0afca (#8484) "Nodes for this group" heading now appears correctly
d389d8b (#7568) Relicense to Apache-2.0 License

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