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Updated CHANGELOG for 1.2rc5

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1 parent b2a05a9 commit 2dd4678a4a46e2ced6c22f7f7683f52c50443efa @stahnma stahnma committed Aug 4, 2011
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+3f88c7f (#8748) Fix my forgetting to add a vendored gem
+2f636a9 Allow setting of RUBY for the workers on redhat systems
+651511c (#8748) Upgrade vendored daemons gem to fix umask on pids
+3a65fd0 (#8694) Add backtrace info to DelayedJobFailure
+bf22939 Add document outlining preferred contribution methods
+803be4f (#8745) Update gitignore to not exlucde tmp during tarball creation
e45338a (#8691) Fix the order of changed and unchanged resources on the report summary

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