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@@ -1,3 +1,237 @@
+1fcfc01 (#6736) Provide Mutex, avoid an error.
+95f97fb maint: Move inventory section lower on the node page
+8629962 (#4403) Do timezone arithmetic outside of the DB in the Status model
+614655c Remove dead code from Status model
+849f2de Validate the user supplied daily_run_history_length
+118962b (#6656) Inventory service is no longer experimental.
+90e0624 (#6601) Inventory search uses the new inventory URL
+fb55499 (#5711) Change license from GPLv3 to GPLv2
+68b335e (#5234) Source of silk icons attributed, per author's license
+d3d1528 Maint: Moved logic for identifying inspect reports into a callback.
+c2fe255 Maint: removed bogus comments from _report.html.haml
+81b8a04 Maint: Moved elements of the report "show" view into callbacks.
+2b91838 Maint: Moved elements of the node "show" view into callbacks.
+cc95431 Maint: Forbid uninstalled plugins from adding themselves to hooks.
+169d275 Maint: Add plug-in install and uninstall rake tasks
+d4d0b00 Maint: removed db/schema.rb
+5f6614d Maint: Removed some private methods in the report model that are part of baseline functionality.
+db663a5 Maint: remove code that belongs in the "baseline" module.
+5be1f0f maint: Added log dir to version control
+93857f0 Maint: Add puppet plugins to .gitignore
+1197e8a Bug fix: renamed each_hook and find_first_hook to *_callback
+cbfde3d Remove some forgotten baseline code
+2b4f9eb Add some basic hooks for use by future Dashboard plug-ins.
+c9ff13e Add a registry for creating hooks and callbacks.
+a40e6c9 Oops: Remove report baseline functionality
+fd7f799 Rename baseline-diff-report CSS classes and IDs to be expandable-list
+161e0da (#6090) Improved auto-selection of "specific baseline".
+035aa17 (#6072) Moved baseline inspection link underneath "Recent Inspections"
+613a465 (#6095) Render proper error messages when diffing against a baseline that can't be found
+ea2368f (#6069) Fixed unique ids in the report group diff view.
+3426763 maint: Use new factory_girl syntax to improve a test
+1862966 maint: Refresh the vendored gem specifications
+79a23c9 maint: replace object_daddy with factory_girl
+b6b17e5 maint: Fix a case where the alphabetically first baselines may not appear
+f5d0bbe Maint: Moved colorbox.css and image files to be compatible with production environment
+989fb4a (#5869) Extract baseline selector into a partial
+f666476 (#5869) Add new baseline selector to the node group page
+5e0d448 (#5869) Rework the baseline selector for report show page
+6fef8e7 (#5869) Add a /reports/baselines action to retrieve baselines
+5e7f8cb maint: add a view test to motivate reverting diff expand_all
+f5ac259 maint: Added combobox widget, to replace autocomplete plugin
+9da052f maint: upgraded jquery-ui to 1.8.9
+80c182c Maint: Add JQuery UI animation to expand/collapse widgets.
+efefe3d (#6024) Show filebucket popup on diff screen, too
+1c3c134 (#6024) Click md5s to popup file bucket contents on reports
+f1bed8f maint: Privatize string helper
+2112ba1 (#5865) Further improvements and bug fixes to the "search inspect reports" page
+d0cda86 Revert "Maint: Removed show_expand_all_link variable"
+57589a4 (#5785) Removed some redundancy from report view.
+353998f Maint: Removed show_expand_all_link variable
+de8ee46 (#5867) Add ability to diff a node_group against a single baseline
+7ca4d59 (#5867) Only show baseline comparison UI when there are baselines
+43e45d4 (#5867) Order nodes by name on node_group diff-against-baseline page
+475c5b5 (#5171) Added a user interface for viewing file content differences
+3bd69e9 (#5865) Rework search reports page
+4f752f4 (#5866) Get a consolidated report for baseline diffs in a group
+1dba2cf (#5866) Split dividing diff into pass and fail into a method
+e2c2d9a maint: Fixing bad view logic related to enable_read_only_mode
+90d9fe1 maint: Remove unused, user related views
+7cd677d (#5880) Renamed diff_summary to diff now that there is a single view for all diffing.
+583880f (#5880) Redesigned UI for diffing inspect reports
+68657bd (#5865) Search for files differing from the expected checksum
+cca236b (#5171) Allow Dashboard to contact a file bucket server for file diffs
+ff1d4de Maint: made PuppetHttps.get handle errors
+9bf6803 Maint: check that report deserialization fills in change_count
+459e588 (#5900) Added missing migration
+3caf9e3 (#5900) Added support for the resource status "failed" attribute in reports.
+e5d5f9b (#5889) Add pagination to the file search page
+7cd5d39 (#5863) Inspect report search defaults to only searching the most recent report
+2ca98d4 (#5863) inspect and apply reports are allowed to happen at the same timestamp
+025de25 (#5863) rename latest_report to latest_apply_report
+34ba970 maint: Add the certs directory to .gitignore
+9c71d31 (#5874) Git rid of unused assignments and services tables and models
+554cc21 (#5744) Change large columns from string to text
+54421c8 (#5864) Display "no results" if a file search returns an empty list.
+8d76938 (#5861) Make a enable_read_only_mode setting
+48c04cf maint: Remove redundant will_paginate plugin, and just use the gem
+4c1a5e8 maint: Fetch metrics all at once on reports index page
+862235c maint: Make pagination only appear when needed
+bcd85dd (#5540) Inspect reports no longer affect the status of a node
+2b4a664 (#5540) Make run time chart only consider 'apply' reports
+faa7251 (#5540) Make daily run status chart only consider 'apply' reports
+e0ffd79 (#5540) Do not allow 'apply' reports to be made baselines
+5b56960 (#5540) Split report tables into inspect and apply
+9cd5a5a (#5540) Require a kind for reports
+c5af8e5 (#5172) Add link to reports search page
+85aedfc (#5172) Add a page for searching reports
+3e1e241 (#5172) Add a route and controller action for searching reports by file title/content
+f05d3ea (#5172) Add scopes for finding resource_statuses by file title/content
+bf00c35 (#5743) Fix problems with supporting report_format 2
+890c0b6 (#5743) Added resource_statuses' skipped attribute to the database.
+3a151f7 (#5743) Added a test to verify that failed reports don't have a bogus time/total metric added to them when they are transformed from format 1 to 2.
+cc17ae0 (#5743) Cleaned up code for detecting status of reports when translating format 1 to format 2.
+c3ed82f (#5743) Made the report format 1->2 transformer convert metric names to strings.
+360b896 (#5743) Removed tags from resource_events, since they were redundant.
+7f25ea8 (#5743) Added audited and historical_value to the schema for reports and updated the report format 1->2 transformer to create these attributes.
+bf26cc6 (#5743) Removed source_description from resource_statuses and events in both the report hashes and in the database.
+e7f0102 (#5743) Removed resource_type and title from to_hash for format 0 and 1 reports, added to the format 1->2 report transformer.
+5677d56 (#5743) Added out_of_sync_count to the schema and to the 1->2 report transformer.
+5c3febf (#5743) Tested that the report format 1->2 transformation converts kind correctly.
+39331ff (#5743) Tested that the report format 1->2 conversion sets puppet_version properly.
+2a7b3c2 (#5743) Test that the format 1->2 report transformation handles configuration_version properly.
+a100e8f (#5743) Added to the report version 0->1 transformation to add puppet version information to logs.
+d9ec962 (#5743) Created the mixins for interpreting reports in format 2.
+fafa062 (#5743) Removed kind, configuration_version, and puppet_version from the hash reperesentation of version 1 reports, since these reports don't contain those attributes.
+f0f4bd1 (#5743) Changed resource_statuses to be represented as a hash internally while transforming reports.
+73f62c4 (#5743) Added log version to the hash for version 0 and 1 reports.
+36f3d3b (#5743) Added resource_status version to the hash for format 1 reports.
+4cbe8e5 (#5743) Removed kind, puppet_version, and configuration_version from the hash generated from format 1 reports, since those fields are not present in format 1 reports.
+665c67d (#5743) Removed dead code.
+089c37e (#5743) Add puppet_version, configuration_version, and kind to the 0->1 report transformer.
+4bae7ff (#5743) Remove kind, puppet_version, and configuration_version from the hash generated by 0.25.x reports, since those fields weren't present in 0.25.x reports.
+87be419 Prep work for #5743. Test version and status inference.
+346d597 Prep for work on #5743. Removed all pending spec tests.
+627612c (#5725) Update schema.rb to reflect the removal of the user table
+98813af maint: report title is a partial
+723b369 (#5174) Colorize diffs
+beeb45c (#5174) Unchanged resources appear on diff page
+a004a65 (#5174) UI to choose a baseline to diff against
+1e72aa4 (#5174) named scope to find baseline reports
+88cac05 (#5174) added named scopes to separate apply and inspect reports
+5338ace (#5174) add images for baseline and inspect
+91f74a1 (#5174) make_baseline action is exposed in UI
+9cf443a maint: 2.6 reports should respect @kind if they have it
+a9251c4 (#5174) Node has a Baseline Report
+52ab849 (#5739) Removing unused vendored plugin resources_controller
+50efbba (#5739) Removing unused vendored gem stringex
+686115b (#5739) Removing unused vendored gem has_scope
+5d6b148 (#5739) Removing unused vendored plugin jrails
+ed3285a (#5725) Remove user related code
+a5a4140 Fix #5573. Diff now handles missing resources/properties.
+5e2e060 (#5493) Use the hash version of reports to create Reports
+02ae643 (#5493) Implemented ReportTransformer to bring reports to the latest format
+4a959fd (#5493) Added Puppet::Transaction::Report#to_hash method
+5d4ad28 maint: Don't recommend development head for installation
+4c279f2 (#5535) Rake task to migrate old database yaml to the new reports schema
+9343788 (#5543) Fix rake reports:import task
+c3232ac maint: group create_from_yaml tests
+191d8a9 maint: Remove dead metric view code.
+5012cbf maint: Get rid of generate_for usage and method
+26f8412 (#5459) Use method
+73179fb (#5459) Correctly retrive total_time
+dbe0958 (#5459) Fix rake db:seed to use new create_from_yaml
+bbd0a39 (#5459) Modify the slow success migration not to be slow
+200800b (#5459) Handle errors in report upload
+a68cd27 (#5459) Added a test of
+b4c6166 (#5459) Added a test of importing 0.25 reports
+027c914 (#5459): Make create_from_yaml transactional
+b0d651c (#5459) Convert from yaml in the report column to a schema
+32717c3 maint: removed unnecessary REPORTS_META constant
+fe3db03 maint: Rename failed? and changed? to not conflict with ActiveRecord methods
+bd5f4aa maint: remove unused formats for reports/nodes
+8b6557a (#5361) Add a new /reports/upload URL, and optionally disable old url
+810cd6a (#5170) Screens for diff and diff summary
+edca51f (#5174) Add a method to allow reports to be diffed
+6ea9305 (#4972) Add Rake task for creating the release tar-balls
+271fa63 (#5116) Add spec for PagesController#home
+55817ed (#5116) Fixed unreported nodes displaying as recently-reported
+2b2a34d (#5116) Add specs for hiddenness
+10e79c7 (#5116) Add ability to hide nodes
+d0c1fa3 (#5379) Reset SETTINGS to defaults before every test
+20beefa maint: Fix HTML table structure
+b182574 Feature #5142 Per-Page parameter
+796f83b Maint: Removed accidental duplication in Debian packaging
+609f7ff (#5116) Clean up specs for NodeController
+210d6a2 Added Ubuntu dist to changelog to update packaging
+9805a7a Feature #5117: custom_logo_url will replace the Puppet Dashboard logo
+9debd16 (#4623) Sort timeline_events in the order they were created
+3c48dad (#4623) Define comparator for NodeGroup and NodeClass
+d837e01 maint: Suppress ActiveSupport deprecation warnings
+2ebcfd2 maint: Remove useless test
+001c9c6 (#5120) Disable editing nodes when external node classification is disabled
+9f5a081 maint: Remove dead code and cleanup whitespace
+e3010ac (#4401) Modified status query to use the Rails time zone
+6b2143f (#4601) Fixes table rendering on group/class/node pages
+6605aea (#4661) Fix broken specs for shared behaviors
+ad7a1c1 (#4661) Classes/groups/nodes are now sorted appropriately
+c0080fe (#4605) Renamed date_format setting to datetime_format and added separate date_format.
+11e883a (#4475) Fixed documentation for passing environment variables to the external node script
+66207f4 maint: Fix setting dependent spec
+d2b37e4 (#4605) Fix timezone issues with chart grouping and start
+0db778d (#4605) Allow date_format to be set in settings.yml
+bc12011 (#4605) Tests for the time_zone setting
+047510b (#4605) Added Time zone setting to settings.yml.
+8748389 (#3435) Fix broken migration
+3f5b59f (#5278) Settings will now individually fallback to values in settings.yml.example
+faf7612 (#5278) Remove unused arguments to
+a00b741 (#5278) Rename settings-sample.yml to setting.yml.example
+3d9dda0 (#5278) Add specs for existing settings functionality
+47c88f5 Refine #4475 Add environment variables for all external_node settings
+1b9639a Feature #4475 Configurable URL in external_node script
+fa14898 (#4881) Added daily_run_history_length setting
+080912a (#4881) Add a spec for the daily run history partial
+3805872 (#3435) Add Node model stub to make migration safer
+7f0ab7b (#4474) Add setting to disable node classification
+7f4d692 Maint: Move "Local-branch:" info below "---"
+37218fb (#4874) Add setting for no_longer_reporting_cutoff
+1cff89c (#3435) Reports now have "changed/unchanged" as statuses
+07ccbc4 Maint: add "Local-branch:" info to mails sent by "rake mail_patches"
+506190f (#4345) Modified README to include workaround for Puppet bug #5244.
+6dc4b0c maint: require activesupport from config/environment.rb
+806aa69 (#4553) Add log rotation to config/environment.rb
+44f27c6 (#4620) Never reported nodes are not considered failing
+3b4a218 (#5104) Failed catalog compiles now report as failed
+2fd983a (#4636) Add file/line to log and event messages
+ba91e32 (#4514) Add table of resource events to report view
+3b6061c (#4514) Support total time for 2.6 reports
+b9cf649 (#4514) Support config retrieval time for 2.6 reports
+5e1ec78 (#4688) Update README to explain SSL configuration
+f145e31 (#4688) Add HTTPS support to bin/external_node
+5aeb60f maint: rename cert rake tasks to be in the "cert" namespace
+fe2cc2b (#4688) Include example SSL settings for apache
+4f45405 Maint: Remove delegation from PuppetHttps to Settings
+c0cf881 (#4688) Get CA cert and CRL list as part of cert rake tasks
+254397f (#3531) Moved node/group methods to NodeGroupGraph
+ba93b70 (#3531) Rename "list" methods and remove unused methods/files
+cadccc4 (#3531) Don't leave source for params/groups/classes blank
+d831eaf (#3531) Remove unused NodeGroupCycleError file
+854b7e2 (#3531) Show sources for nodes/group/classes/parameters
+7322d79 (#3531) Add helper methods for dealing with the node group graph
+35042e0 (#5199) Add setting to disable the inventory service features
+1c1c097 (#5133) Document auth.conf security for inventory service
+c1e6b88 (#2986) Add node search based on facts
+8391463 (#2933) Add missing partial for facts
+62409a3 (#2933) Add table of facts to node pages
+053319e Tightened up permissions on the public/private key pair that is used to contact the master.
+263f2b0 (#4604) Dashboard now has a place for site-specific settings
+e193f9f (#5133) Made Dashboard able to fetch node facts from inventory REST API.
+a196fd2 (#5149) Added rake tasks to manage certificate and public/private key pair
+dfb7b1b (#4880) Fixed validation of new reports
+1e43615 [#4541] Route to nodes using id instead of name.
071acf4 Bump VERSION to v1.0.4.
@@ -95,14 +95,13 @@ Installation
git clone git://
cd puppet-dashboard
- git checkout v1.0.4
+ git checkout v1.1.0rc1
3. Download the most recent release of Puppet Dashboard, extract it and move it to your install location (this may be different on your system). This options makes upgrading more difficult since you'll have to manually manage files when upgrading, but may be a good option if you want to avoid repository setup or using git and just want to try out dashboard.
- wget --no-check-certificate
- tar -xzvf puppetlabs-puppet-dashboard-v1.0.4-0-g071acf4.tar.gz
- mv puppetlabs-puppet-dashboard-071acf4 /usr/share/puppet-dashboard
+ wget
+ tar -xzvf puppet-dashboard-1.1.0rc1.tar.gz
+ mv puppet-dashboard-1.1.0rc1 /usr/share/puppet-dashboard
2. Create a `config/database.yml` file to specify Puppet Dashboard's database configuration. Please see the `config/database.yml.example` file for further details about database configurations and environments. These files paths are relative to the path of the Puppet Dashboard software containing this `README.markdown` file.
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